Top B2B Marketing ‘Hot Topics’ Not to Be Ignored in 2022

As we have already ended 2021, it’s time to consider the main 2022 B2B marketing trends that will emerge in the coming year.

As in past years, 2022 will see the continued advancement of several B2B marketing trends. Furthermore, the effect of B2B marketing on the B2C industry will remain strong. So, what macrotrends are expected to have the most influence on businesses in the next year? Here is a list of five B2B Marketing hot themes to keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Retention in B2B Marketing

Isn’t it true that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? So, how much is it worth to keep that bird happy and healthy for a long time? That’s what retention marketing entails.

Retention marketing has existed since the first person sold something to another. Why? Because the merchant soon recognized that selling to current consumers is easier and more efficient than finding new customers.

In a nutshell, retention marketing is a collection of actions aimed at maintaining client connections, resulting in improved marketing ROI through sustained sales at a reduced cost per sale.

Retention marketing may enhance both the length of time a consumer continues to buy from you and the amount they buy. This is commonly referred to as cross-selling and upsell. We aim to offer more items and B2B services to current consumers at better pricing and profit margins.

What is the profit? According to Harvard Business Review, a 5% improvement in client retention can result in a 95% increase in earnings.

B2B marketers are often talking about how to get new clients. But, in the end, Retention Marketing may be a better place to start in 2022. Especially if funds are scarce.


2. B2B Content Marketing

If you don’t go big, you might as well not go at all. Only dedicated brands will succeed in content marketing in 2022. It’s something I hear a lot from brand marketers who aren’t dedicated to content marketing. “There’s a lot of noise out there!” “How can I make a breakthrough?”

You have three options based on that reasoning. 1) Give up and just let your marketing team begin cold phoning (believe me, I’ve been requested to do this!) 2) Advertise your path to success. 3) Alternatively, commit to content marketing’s long-term strategic ROI.

And there are incredible instances of businesses that have created tremendous audiences from the ground up in the previous 18 months.

What were they doing differently? They are published regularly based on keyword research. They incorporated both long-form and short-form information. Customers, executives, and partners were all featured. They concentrated on increasing the number of subscribers. They paid for the B2B marketing of their best-performing material.

3. Interactive Content

Businesses must make their content more interactive to enhance customer interactions and engagements. This may be accomplished by encouraging followers to share your social media postings, generating entertaining quizzes, recording films, and adopting infographics.

Customers’ attention spans may be increased by encouraging them to engage more delicately with your content and B2B marketing material through interactive content. As customers’ habits and interests shift toward interactive content, the narrative becomes a critical component of corporate success.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are a significant aspect of web design and will continue to play an important role in the company in 2021. In the previous year, 67 percent of consumers worldwide reported utilizing a chatbox assistance system. Many customers are growing to anticipate prompt responses to inquiries and customer care personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This may be a difficult chore to manage without the assistance of chatbots, which are built to mimic human behavior and provide comparable B2B services.

Many sectors utilize this technology to answer clients’ inquiries and guide them around a company’s website. Chatbots can assist your company in providing faster and better online experiences. Businesses will benefit from increased consumer involvement, business relationships, and overall client pleasure as a consequence of this digital innovation.

5. Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing can assist B2B marketers in connecting their products and services to the rest of the globe. By being honest, leveraging on cultural trends, and reintroducing a discontinued product or service, your organization may begin to participate in nostalgic marketing techniques.

As the globe navigates these unusual circumstances, nostalgia marketing has grown in value. Nostalgia is familiar, secure, and soothing, which is precisely what our society requires right now and in the year 2022.

The only constant in marketing is change

There are undoubtedly many additional B2B marketing trends, both macro and micro, that will likely gain traction in 2022. While not exhaustive, this list gives an overview of important macro B2B marketing trends to consider and monitor in the next year.

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