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Virtual events are on the increase in an expanding digital environment, and for good reason. Webinars, video meetings, and live broadcasts let you provide great information and build long-lasting relationships with your audience without the effort and expense of attending in-person, multi-day conferences.

We help you offer a dynamic and entertaining audience experience while developing a solid funnel for your sales organization with our comprehensive, end-to-end event production and promotions.

Whether it's a previously planned virtual event or one that arose as a result of having to cancel a trade show or seminar, there are sales possibilities to be had. There's no need to fear if it's a last-minute replacement for a canceled in-person event. Good businesses know when to pivot rather than when to put everything on hold, and great webinar marketing companies know when to pivot with the appropriate partner.

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Company agility is essential for webinar marketing company continuity. Mandit Solutions Webinar marketing services and Virtual Event Marketing services let you adjust to your market's ever-changing demands and keep sales leads flowing in.

Webinars marketing remains one of the most effective inbound marketing lead-generating methods. In fact, 78 percent of B2B buyers polled said they attended at least three webinars during the buying process.

We assist you in creating interesting webinars that help you generate attendance and participation by providing thought-provoking lectures that excite audiences.

Practices we follow for webinar marketing Promtions

Pre-Webinar Promotions

  • Email Templates
  • Call Scripts
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Promotional Materials

Webinar Facilitation

  • Practice Session
  • Speaker(s) Introduction
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Q&A Moderation

Webinar Report

  • Video Recording
  • Audience Feedback
  • Q&A Reports
  • Pre & Post-Event Metrics

FAQ's for webinar promotions

Webinar marketing is a collection of strategies that use webinars to promote certain goods and services, increase brand recognition, entertain and educate your audience. Hosting webinars allows companies to demonstrate their knowledge in a certain sector while also nurturing prospects.

6 Steps to Making a Webinar

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Select your team.
  3. Select a webinar format.
  4. Choose a webinar hosting platform and organize webinar content.
  5. Prepare your area and equipment.
  6. Advertise your webinar.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 58 percent of marketers utilize webinars to advertise their products and services. Factors demonstrate that webinars are so effective B2B marketing tools. Take a look at how:

  1. Webinars keep viewers’ interest.
  2. Webinars allow you to swiftly warm up leads.
  3. Webinars increase conversions.
  4. Leads are generated through webinars.

7 Best Practices to Create Killer Webinars

  1. Optimize for mobile
  2. Create an eye-catching title
  3. Pick an optimal date and time
  4. Set the right expectations
  5. Record your webinar
  6. Don’t be afraid to improvise
  7. Make your webinar interactive

Webinars marketing allows us to train our prospects and assist them to realize why our product is important in the first place. Webinars provide your audience the opportunity to associate a name with a face and a voice with a name. They enable you to develop personal ties and engage in real-time conversations.

10 Webinar Promotion and Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Choose a topic that will pique the audience’s interest.
  2. Make the 60 minutes count.
  3. Co-Host with a Friend.
  4. Make an Interesting Landing Page.
  5. Incorporate a Success Story.
  6. Use Data-Driven Email Marketing to Promote Your Webinar.
  7. Leading scorer.
  8. Giveaways.
  9. Make your webinar available on demand.
  10. Provide Relevant Content Following the Webinar
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