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Leverage is everything in business. That is, as a small business owner, you cannot afford to handle everything yourself. Meanwhile, medium and big businesses all over the world frequently find it unnecessary to recruit full-time employees for seemingly resource-intensive, time-consuming chores like b2b list building services.

You can create lists of:

More than Just B2B List Building

Mandit Solutions is a B2B list-building solution designed by a team of conversion optimization experts.

Using Mandit Solutions is similar to having your b2b list-building and conversion specialist embedded right into a powerful piece of software.

This isn't your typical b2b list-building solution. We've taken the most cutting-edge conversion, B2B list building strategies utilized by clever organizations and growth hackers and made them simple to implement on your own site for the first time. Finally, you may enjoy explosive list growth and the incredible business rewards that come with it.

What Makes Mandit Solutions Different In List Building?

Here Are Four Significant Advantages:

  1. Design & Deploy

    Mandit Solutions integrates every type of opt-in form you need in one place and provides an easy drag-and-drop editor to help you build the right design every time.

  2. Advanced Targeting

    Increase your conversion rate by displaying relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags, and other criteria. Create highly targeted and profitable lists.

  3. A/B Testing Engine

    Solutions by Mandit Mandit Solutions include a sophisticated but user-friendly A/B testing tool. Raise your conversions quickly and easily, and utilize it to automatically increase your conversion rate.

  4. Actionable Reporting & Insights

    Solutions by Mandit Mandit Solutions provides a high-level summary of the most significant KPIs.View the performance of your opt-in forms over time and where your most valuable traffic is coming from.

Create Every Type of Opt-in Form to Increase Conversions

You no longer need to rely on just one method to generate Mandit Solutions when using Mandit Solutions, and you no longer require several plugins (that probably conflict with each other). It's the all-in-one b2b list-building solution you've been looking for, and it's only available with a Thrive Suite membership.


1. Figure out who your ideal customer is. Before you even begin developing your list, you should figure out who your ideal consumer is.

2. Determine the companies and decision-makers you wish to target.

3. Look for your leads’ contact information on the internet.

4. Verify the contact information.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful suggestions for developing an effective B2B list, which will result in higher open rates and, eventually, more views for your emails.

  1. Make as many lead magnets as possible.
  2. Don’t strew lead generation forms all over the place.
  3. Cut lead generation forms in half.
  4. Include a modern and effective design.
  5. Divide your mailing list into halves for distribution.
  6. Make popup CTAs
  7. Include extra and special content.

Don’t buy an email list.

1. Create an engaged list by using opt-in forms.

2. Send a welcome email or sequence of emails.

3. Make everything your own.

4. Create intriguing subject lines.

5. Write as if you were speaking to a real person.

6. Make use of engaging copy.


Mandit Solutions provides B2B List Building Services such as custom list building, email list building, and so on. It allows you to create bespoke prospect and email lists for your company.


When you sign up for Mandit’s B2B List Building Service, we handle the tedious task of compiling prospect lists with complete contact information (name, title, company, email, phone, LinkedIn-ID).


Unlike other B2B list-building service providers, we develop your lists using automated techniques. We employ these quick and precise technologies to generate and provide high-quality prospect and email lists for marketing purposes while keeping your cost down.

Companies with custom-built data will rule their industry. Mandit Solutions can assist you in unlocking the benefits of Custom List Building in order to increase lead generation and ROI, allowing businesses to thrive in new marketing segments.


Our primary goal at Mandit Solutions is to provide cost-effective custom-built data that helps IT marketers stay ahead of the competition.


We can help you obtain a better understanding of your business, consumers, and market by extracting and delivering essential information and combining it with your existing datasets.

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