Intent Based Marketing

B2B Intent Based Marketing Service

For good reason, intent based marketing has become popular in the marketing world. It works effectively. Changes in the buyer's journey make it difficult for marketers to identify and target the right prospects. Through an in-depth analysis of user behavior, intent-based marketing assists businesses in predicting purchase intent. You give your audience exactly what they want with intent-based marketing. This saves brands a lot of money and time. Intent-based marketing is game-changing because you know the context; you know for certain that the prospect is interested in and actively searching for your product or service.

Image showing how intent based marketing works

Our Intent Based Marketing serves as a link between the intent of your prospects and conversions. Brands require visibility at the right times. When a prospect is interested in your offerings, we help you get noticed in real-time. Way to generate leads using interest signals.

FAQ's for Intent Based Marketing

With intent-based marketing, you can direct more resources to a subset of your target audience that is more likely to purchase. This is based on the data you have on intent. This means that the leads you generate will be of higher quality, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Intent-based marketing is defined as targeting marketing campaigns at people whose online behavior indicates a desire to buy. B2B intent data reveals the products or services that your target audience is looking for online.

Advantages of Intent Marketing

  1. Discover hidden opportunities.
  2. Improve the purchase experience for customers.
  3. Optimize marketing resources.
  4. Access to quality data.
  5. Combining intent data with existing data.
  6. Using intent-based ad targeting.

5 ways to implement intent marketing for your business

  1. Research your company
  2. Solution reviews
  3. Market to writers
  4. Directory listing
  5. Alternative to blogs


Intent marking is generated through a positive online reputation that is supported by positive customer reviews. Managing your company’s online reputation is vitally important to maintain success through intent marketing.

This is a big win for consumers because at the end of the day only reputable companies will be able to establish an online presence and maintain it over the long term.

Intent data tells us which companies are most likely to be interested in receiving our calls and content even before they know who we are. It allows you to follow the buyer’s lead and market to them only when they’ve indicated a focus on specific solutions.

A marketing budget is never unlimited. You must make the best use of the funds at your disposal.

Intent-based marketing directs marketing campaigns to people who have a strong desire to buy. This means that you spend less money on broad-based marketing. In practice, this means that you will be able to achieve your commercial objectives while spending less money.


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