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B2B marketing research is the process of uncovering insights into your marketplace by surveying a representative sample of its participants. Participants might include existing customers, former customers, prospective buyers, lost prospects (buyers who chose to buy from another company), and influencers. And in a competitive employment market, research might even include current and prospective employees, as well.

Also in the business world, change is happening all around us, faster than ever - driven by digital transformation, evolving geopolitical landscapes, and the global challenge of sustainability. Every opportunity is a multi-dimensional challenge. Every decision involves the heart and the head. And all of it is complex.

At B2B International we combine unique global experience, advanced research techniques, and a true forward-thinking attitude to offer the multi-layered approach you need – to understand the dynamics of change.

Our B2B Research experience

We focus on researching complex and niche markets and reaching hard-to-reach decision-makers. We have covered every industry vertical in every corner of the world.

We are professional services firms that conduct regular research on their target audience grow up to 10X faster and are almost 2X more profitable than firms that don’t. Mandit Solutions deliver timely insights into your buyers and the market you need to outcompete your rivals. We turn the data into a series of benchmarks so you can see how you compare to your industry peers.


B2B marketing research is the process of gathering information about your market by surveying a representative sample of its participants. Market research is essential for B2B organizations because it shows them who their consumers are and why they buy their products. It also assists companies in determining measures such as the cost per client acquisition, and it provides a greater grasp of what the market wants in a product or service.

Marketing research assists marketing management by providing decision-relevant information. Marketing research, on the other hand, aids in reducing the uncertainty around upcoming

decisions. Marketing research must be methodical, impartial, and analytical in order to be effective.

6 Stages or Steps Involved in Marketing Research Process

  1. Identifying and defining the issue
  2. Objectives of the research
  3. Designing the research study or planning the research design
  4. Preparing the sample
  5. Obtaining Information
  6. Processing and analysis of data

B2B Market Research assists businesses in the following ways: 

  1. Defining their markets
  2. Customers’ shifting needs must be measured.
  3. Boost their competitive advantages.
  4. Improve your business judgments.
  5. Improve your competitive intelligence.
  6. Discover new possibilities.
  7. Determine whether or not the goods and services have a viable market.

The research process is typically divided into two stages: data collecting and analysis. Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation are the four main forms of market research procedures.

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