Top 7 B2B SaaS Lead Generation Strategies for the Upcoming Year

Smart B2B SaaS businesses understand the importance of lead generation to their growth and employ a variety of tried-and-true strategies to increase their number of prospective customers. However, SaaS businesses should not just focus on bringing in any leads into their sales funnel, but rather on generating qualified leads.

SaaS lead generation strategies use both organic and inorganic methods to increase the number of potential customers who sign up for the service. The goal of organic methods is to have search engines discover your website naturally. In contrast, inorganic methods involve proactively reaching out to potential customers via digital channels like social media, email marketing, paid advertisements, and more.

You should know these 7 SaaS B2B lead generation strategies now

SaaS companies may have benefited from the global pandemic. But it’s not a walk in the park when it comes to competition in the field.

Some research suggests that the success of the SaaS market can be traced back to the rise in the importance placed on data backup and security as well as the expansion of the internet and the number of people with access to it.

To achieve success in the upcoming year, you’ll need to fine-tune your methods for generating leads for software as a service. Plus, these top 7 SaaS B2B lead generation strategies will aid your efforts:

1. Re-evaluate Your Pricing Structure for new leads

When it comes to generating leads for a SaaS business, price is the single most important factor. Particularly now, when most SaaS businesses employ intricate pricing models to meet the needs of every client.

Therefore, before developing a pricing structure, you should learn as much as possible about your SaaS service or product and the needs of your customers.

A good case in point is Gimmio, a program for managing email signatures that charges more on a per-signature basis than comparable programs. One free signature is provided to each user. But they have to pay more because of each signature.

2. Nurture Your Leads as You Mean It

We’ve established that there’s a lot of activity in the SaaS industry at the moment. In other words, lead nurturing strategies of the past, such as telemarketing calls, cold emails, and simple content sharing, won’t cut it in the year 2022.

The truth is that the SaaS industry has raised the bar for what is expected from B2B customers. In today’s world, consumers expect to be impressed by the brands they buy.

In light of this, it is essential to treat your leads with the seriousness they deserve. But what should I do?

So, in today’s digital world, you can nurture your leads in several different ways, such as:

  • Live chats

62% of online shoppers say they would make more purchases if they could contact a real person. Customers may be enticed to purchase from your company more often if you implement live chatbots on your website. Leads can be nurtured more quickly and easily with the help of live chats.

  • Content marketing

Yes, time-tested content marketing remains superior to all other lead-nurturing strategies. However, you need to provide downloadable whitepapers, ebooks, or other content to stimulate your lead’s interest beyond simple blogs.

  • Social media marketing

Nobody needs to tell you that social media marketing is the best way to get new customers online. However, by analyzing your potential leads’ interactions on social media platforms like comments, likes, followers, etc., you can better nurture them in your sales pipeline.

Using account-based marketing to cultivate potential customers for a SaaS product is an effective method. By narrowing your focus to the most valuable leads, you can save time and effort in the marketing and sales departments. In addition to improving output quality, it will also cut down on required effort.

3. Make your website SEO Optimized for Leads

SaaS companies can generate quality B2B leads with relatively little effort by employing SEO. Mike Sounder found that organic searches accounted for 26.4% of all traffic to SaaS sites.

As a result, you need to invest some serious effort into making your entire website keyword-friendly. In this case, it’s not enough to simply go after keywords closely associated with your offering. You should also go after keywords that are similar in appearance and are frequently used by your intended audience.

The same person who is interested in marketing resources might also be curious about social media posting best practices or how to optimize LinkedIn updates.

Therefore, you should incorporate keywords into your website based on the needs and goals of your target audience. Read up on Salesforce blogs to get a handle on the subject.

4. Improve User Experience

The quality of leads that a SaaS company receives depends on several factors, one of the most important being the user experience. Lead capture on the web is impossible without an organized user experience.

Therefore, it is important to conduct a UX audit of your website or mobile app to identify and fix any UX issues that may exist.

When it comes to user experience, SaaS websites frequently struggle with the following:

  • Slow page load time

For every second that it takes your website to load, conversion rates drop by 12%, according to research conducted by Unbounce. Surprisingly, only 3% of marketers are actively working to improve website speed, while 81% are aware of the issue. Don’t lag behind the marketing elite; speed up your page loads immediately.

  • Add clear CTAs

You should put a call to action on every page that matters, including the homepage, pricing page, signup form, about us page, etc.

  • Mobile-friendly website

If you want to win over customers and search engines, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Make sure that the website looks good on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

5. Create an Industry-Specific Page

If your SaaS product can be used in multiple markets, you’ll want to avoid the common mistake of not customizing your website for each of your potential customers.

If you don’t tell search engines who will use your services or buy your products, they can’t rank your website for the right keywords. Each specific customer’s benefits can be illustrated on a separate industry page, which will also allow you to embed more keywords.

6. Use Customer Service Automation Tools

Automation of Customer Service You can guarantee an increase in your lead generation efforts by using customer service tools like Chatbots and live chats. These resources are very helpful because you can access them whenever you need them.

This will show your customers that you care about them even if your business is only open during odd hours.

By utilizing a chatbot, you can automate the answering of frequently asked questions and the demonstrating of fundamental capabilities of your software to users.

You can also configure your chatbot to put users in touch with agents who can provide immediate assistance if they have more complicated issues.

Even though chatbots will make your life easier, you should never let them completely replace human interaction with customers.

They will value the availability of immediate assistance from someone who is invested in meeting their needs and has answers to their questions.

7. Leverage your network on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise that B2B SaaS businesses use LinkedIn as a lead generation and sales engine, given that it is the largest professional network in the world. LinkedIn can be used in tandem with account-based marketing strategies and inbound marketing techniques to

  • Participate in groups devoted to the sectors you serve to learn more about the issues facing those sectors.
  • Network with other successful people in your field.
  • Use social media and advertising to spread the word about your content.
  • Use polls and forum posts to get your audience involved.

If you’re looking to boost your lead generation strategy, the following tips can help you get in touch with your ideal customers. They will direct your attention to the best leads and help you present your business as an authority and the best option for your customers.

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