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Creating an effective and efficient lead acquisition strategy is one of the most important components in B2B company growth and revenue generation. As a result, companies are increasingly relying on automation to generate leads and reallocate labor time.

Businesses may save time and money tracking down low-quality leads and convince prospects that you’re the correct answer to their problems by doing so. However, sales and marketing teams might concentrate their efforts on prospects lower down the sales funnel. As a result, they’ll spend less time on leads that are unlikely to convert and more time creating and nurturing connections with those who are more likely to convert.

Making Your Lead Generation Strategy Run on Autopilot

Here are five practical strategies for putting your lead generation strategy on autopilot and sparking your sales. Some will be quick to execute, while others will provide the groundwork for your marketing plan, beginning with keyword research.

1. Spend time and money on keyword research

It all begins with keyword research. Prospective buyers must discover you in order to contact you, which means you must be located on Google.

Google’s algorithm is regularly updated to prevent individuals from manipulating the system. One prominent example is keyword stuffing. Fortunately, Google’s Panda update assisted in ridding the world of uncomfortable and illegible information (at least on Page 1). Following that, Google began to punish this sort of conduct while rewarding those that do it correctly.

So, to have your content noticed on Page 1, it’s better to let your content speak for itself and conduct good keyword research.

2. Best keyword research practices to generate traffic and leads

To begin with, your content marketing approach must be on target. While meta-descriptions, alt-texts, long-tailed keywords, and other SEO factors are important, if your content is bad, the rest doesn’t matter.

Your content marketing approach should center on the pain areas and issues of your target audience. If you can explain why your product or service is the greatest alternative for them, they will most likely give you a chance to gain their business.

It also displays a high level of user intent. Because Google has said that each successive update to its algorithm would favor user intent, user intent is critical for SEO. This is due to Google’s desire to provide its consumers with only relevant and useful information.

3. Invest in Chatbot

A Chatbot is computer software that can hold a back-and-forth discussion with website visitors or other potential customers. Because chatbots operate around the clock to assess the feasibility of a lead, they put your lead generation approach on autopilot. Facebook Messenger API and a Web Visitor Chatbot are two prominent Chatbots that may help your lead generating efforts.

4. Post Your Product on Online Directories

Posting your goods to web directories is a less-known yet efficient way to automate your lead creation plan. This ensures that prospects locate you with minimal effort on your side. If done appropriately, this strategy has the potential to be one of the quickest ways to turn a qualified lead into a sale. This is because these internet directories perform a lot of the legwork for you. They will give an in-depth description of your product as part of the package, effectively selling it to its consumer base.

5. Referrals and social proof

Referrals and social proof are wonderful sources for igniting your lead creation campaign. Your consumers expect you to be biased and not objective. This is completely correct, so they’ll be skeptical of every phrase and sales pitch you hurl at them.

As a result, people are significantly more likely to believe friends and relatives, colleagues, industry experts, and other sales professionals. They are perceived as impartial since, unlike you, they do not have a horse in the race.

For example, 92 percent of buyers trust references when considering whether to buy a product. So, take advantage of social proof by obtaining references and testimonials to promote on your website and throughout social media.

Final Thoughts

Any task that has the potential to be automated should be automated. Especially for larger organizations and those where there is a demonstrable advantage. Your time would be better spent cultivating more likely-to-convert leads. It’s critical to notice that you’re not putting the process on autopilot. However, these are the early phases of your lead-generating activities. That way, you can zero in on the qualifying leads your organization has discovered, then work your magic to convert them into clients.

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