Know Why B2B Marketers Should Use Intent Data 

Businesses are always looking for ways to achieve a competitive edge in sales and marketing. Suppose you had access to data that could provide you with not only qualified prospects but also in-market account information that is constantly researched or in the purchasing process of your product. In that case, users will make your marketing tactics more convenient and decrease your costs and optimize your conversion. This is where B2B intent data may help your relevant audience. 

What Is the Source of Intent Data? 

Intent data comes from many digital sources, including website cookies that monitor crucial intent search phrases and intent-based marketing. A possible lead is identified when a subscriber’s purpose is examined in terms of subject and context to assist & develop a more precise image. 

B2B sales and marketing teams’ need to achieve targeted results is increasing. With a preponderance of pre-purchase research currently happening online, it is getting increasingly difficult to capture the audience’s attention and have your concerns heard. Integrating B2B intent data into your marketing technique may help your strategy in several ways: 

1. Cut It through Noise

Anywhere at a given time, only a tiny portion of any potential market will be involved in the purchasing process, especially for expensive B2B items and intent-based marketing. Concentrating your efforts on businesses who have already explored your website or made inquiries into your area of expertise gives you a substantial edge over competitor brands that are pursuing a broader approach. This improves conversion rates and the productivity and reliability of your marketing. 

2. Target Potential Buyer

Identifying when a potential buyer is researching your product helps in reaching out getting in front of them early in the purchasing process. This may provide a business with an advantage over its rivals and assist bridge the barrier between them choosing your services. 

Also, it enables sales teams to start the lead nurturing process throughout the client’s funnel journey and buying stage. Uniquely designed messages to prospects may be even more personalized and precise if their intent data is recorded from the start. 

3. Identify Possible Leads

Someone must be now researching a product or solution comparable to yours, and they’re not doing it on your webpage. Utilizing modern lead scoring procedures, we can use B2B intent data to follow these research spikes and advise your b2b sales and b2b marketing teams. They can use their magic to generate leads and, eventually, book a sales meeting. 

4. Prioritization of the leads

Intent data is perfect for improving your lead credit scoring since it allows you to prioritize incoming leads depending on how engaged a client is in your webpage. If anyone has spent a substantial amount of time on your well-known websites? Have they responded multiple times yet been unable to reach your sales team? Visitors may start categorizing user activity and corresponding tailoring your b2b intent marketing efforts. 

5. Customized Outreach

Customizing your strategy helps you to focus your audience correctly. A client is far more inclined to follow or call if the email or call is just a topic they are actively researching, and your sales team will be prepared with relevant material to aid them in adopting. 

Just understanding your target clients’ purchase habits can improve the accuracy and quality of your marketing initiatives. Stop wasting time chasing worthless leads and instead invest more time in gathering data on truly interested potential buyers or b2b buyers’ intent. 

When utilized as a part of a b2b campaign strategy and paired with your own professional knowledge, B2B intent data has the ability to put you next to the right leads at the right time with precise, targeted, and one-of-a-kind content. 

The Benefits of Intent Data-driven by ABM in a Nutshell 
  • Find prospects and accounts by studying challenges that you can solve: Identify prospects by conducting more than average research on themes important to your organization, prioritizing your outreach, and engaging in relevant discussions earlier in the purchase path.
  • Obtain the most relevant, timely, and accurate behavioral signals: Obtain a large number of high-quality signals in order to discover firms that are interested in your solution.
  • Achieve a competitive rim: Engage prospects in meaningful discussions right at the start of their purchase journey with Streaming Intent.
  • Increase your precision: Customized Intent allows you to tailor your subjects to your own needs.



Determining what data your company collects not only will give you an edge over competitors regarding what you can offer, but it will connect with the purpose of the target user. Cognitive intent data can assist you in determining who is looking to buy and is fascinated by solutions like yours. 

For more information, Mandit Solutions is just a click away to assist you in gaining faster access to a database. 

Experience the power of intent-based marketing as we decode signals, turning curiosity into captivating connections for your brand’s success.

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