Killer Email Marketing Strategies to Run On Your ABM Accounts

In this era of tailored advertising, account-based marketing (ABM) is more important than ever. Not everyone will respond to an email that may be sent to anyone. Everyone wants to know how you’re going to satisfy their individual wants and needs.

However, knowing you need to do this and really making it part of your email marketing strategy are two different things. A thorough knowledge of your target audience, including any subsets that may exist, is necessary before you can design and implement effective tailored email marketing. Once you have more information about your customers, such as their purchasing habits, preferred method of contact, and areas of interest, you can start to truly tailor your messages to them as individuals.


An ABM email strategy and database segmentation can then be developed. If you’re ready to get started with ABM email marketing, here are some best practices to follow in order to boost your delivery, open, and click-through rates:

Make sure the delivery details are correct

A solid base in delivery fundamentals is necessary for any email marketing effort to succeed. Maintain a consistent emphasis on checking email addresses. As notifications come in, it’s crucial to update existing emails and remove those that have bounced.

Make your subject line compelling

Consider your subject line to be the initial impression of your email. When they check their inbox and view the list of new messages, this is what they’ll see from you. In order to get them to open your email, the subject line needs to be compelling. Don’t go over 45 characters, and instead of focusing on selling points, emphasize a short message that directly addresses their pain point.

To get the best possible outcomes from your email marketing campaigns, it’s evident that account-based marketing should be your starting point. Now, let’s take a look at some email marketing methods you may implement with your ABM accounts:

  1. Segment Your Email List

Segmenting your massive email list is the first and finest step in effective email marketing. Dividing your email list into segments allows for more specific and customized messages to be sent to your intended audience.

Use sign-up form questions about subscribers’ locations, anniversaries, and other demographic information to create subsets of your email list. Making use of Amazon and other technological marvels is another option.

A bundle of electronic goods at a discounted price appeared in my inbox a few days ago, just as I was searching Amazon for some new devices.

Excellent ABM email marketing technique on Amazon’s part, as they honed in on my specific requirements and delivered relevant offers.

  1. Make Your Subject Line Personalized

Did you know that nearly half of all email opens occur because of the subject line?

Consequently, if you want your subscribers to really read your email, you need to put some thought into the subject line. Here are some suggestions for a more unique email subject line:

Don’t forget to address people by their first names.

Although it’s a tried-and-true technique, using a person’s name when speaking to them is the most effective way to connect with them.

  1. Behaviour reports should be shared

Your portal allows you to generate behavior reports that you can email to your clients. To re-engage users who may have dropped off the radar, this method of email marketing is ideal.

In addition, because behavior emails aren’t overtly promotional, consumers are more likely to engage with them. For another, sending out regular emails keeps your brand in the minds of your users.

  1. Send email recommendations with a special offer

Special recommendation emails, like behavior reports, can help re-engage dormant subscribers. Oftentimes, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime may offer recommendations that are similar to the content you just viewed.

If you want your customers to buy more of your products, this is the right targeted email marketing plan to apply. By analyzing ABM data, you can find out the products and services a specific email user has purchased.

You can then use this data to send your consumers emails advertising other items or services.

If someone is currently a customer, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in your other offerings as well. 15 percent of online consumers are considered “repeat” customers.

  1. Create a contest for your email subscribers

The benefits you offer are perhaps even more popular than the price cuts with your clientele.

Incentives galore can be offered to email list members in the form of contests tied to holidays, seasons, or other special events. You may grow your email list and re-engage dormant users with this method of email marketing.

You can use user intent to choose the best price for each participant in your email contest.

In addition to offering unique prizes, your email contest should also feature an eye-catching design.

  1. Send Emails at the Right Time

When sending out emails, few marketers consider the importance of timing. They really ought to, though. Choosing the right time to send your emails can significantly increase the percentage of recipients who open them.

For instance, if your newsletter’s intended recipients are SaaS companies, distributing it on a Monday or Tuesday will provide no effect. That’s because the owner of a SaaS business is going to be inundated with work-related messages when he or she checks their inbox on a Monday morning, and yours may get lost in the shuffle.

However, there is a greater possibility that your email will be read if you submit it on a Wednesday or Tuesday around lunchtime.

  1. Make your emails mobile-friendly

According to the results of a recent poll, in the United States, mobile devices now account for 66% of all email reads, while desktop computers account for only 34%. Here, if you find that your email subscribers are more likely to check their inboxes on their mobile devices, you should consider making adjustments to your email campaigns to better accommodate mobile devices.

  1. Create a landing page that is optimized

However, while a high email open rate is desirable, it is not the end goal. The end game is to get readers to buy something.

This can be accomplished by including pertinent information on your landing page. Using the information from your ABM account, you must create landing pages.

Wrapping Up

When used in tandem with email customization, ABM may be a highly effective marketing strategy. Put this lethal duo to work in your email marketing to ensure you’re concentrating on the right business objectives and maximizing your conversions.

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