How ABM can get success through first-party Intent Data

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a crucial tool for B2B expansion. In this kind of strategic plan, partnerships are essential to success, but they are utterly useless without knowledge. Amongst the most efficient ways to gather information about the course your marketing must take is through intent data, which will completely change the way you approach B2B marketing.

How to identify engaged accounts

If you’ve recently done an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign, creating an ideal customer profile (ICP) for your campaign is probably nothing new to you (if not, check out our guide to building an ICP). This is a model business that exemplifies your ideal client, the one who will get the most value from your products and pay the most money to you in exchange.

You undoubtedly have an idea of the type of business, industry, revenue range, etc. that your ideal client would be. However, by incorporating intent data into our targeting strategy, you’ll be able to compare your ICP to your actual interested audience and see if there are any new, undiscovered markets you must be focusing on.

How Intent Data is Collected

When consumers face difficulties, they leave a massive digital trail in search of solutions. Their intent data will be left behind as:

  • Reviews of products
  • Webinar attendance sheets
  • Website visit analytics
  • Case study, whitepaper, or tech publications downloads
  • Time spent on the website
  • Infographics views
  • Subscriptions to updates or newsletters
  • Sudden spikes in interest or topic consumption

Marketers who gather and examine this data can identify early behavioral signals in customers and assist them in making decisions. And hence, account-based marketers who are forward-thinking have a huge opportunity thanks to intent data. Lead intent data attract prospects who are seeking information on the websites of other companies, as opposed to lead scoring on your website and social account.

The role of intent data in Account-based marketing

Customers are no longer required to walk to your business to make a purchase. Your potential customers visit various online sales sites every day in search of the problems that your offerings can fix. Your potential customers will spend countless hours reading information and making decisions about remedies and other possible alternatives that can ease their problems.

The pot of gold that puts the golden eggs is the ability to listen and comprehend what your customer is thinking, even though product knowledge is crucial.

The Best Way to Send First-Party Intent Data

The operative phrase here is “when executed properly,” as sending targeted quality content can be a great way for sales teams to engage with high-value target accounts. It’s crucial to send to the right companies in order to get the best return on your investment.

Send fewer, higher-quality products to the niche market of businesses that have expressed a desire to buy rather than sending to hundreds of uninformed businesses. This strategy will be much more successful, cost less money, and boost engagement rates.

The following tactics can help you make your sending more effective:
  • Create an automatic send with intent – Sendoso can automatically send direct emails to potential customers once they reach a certain lead score on your website by integrating with tools like Hubspot. This will eliminate a significant amount of the data transmission process’s time and effort.
  • Send different items to the sales and marketing teams – Typically, your team will have more marketing leads than sales leads. However, because they haven’t contacted a salesperson to schedule a meeting, they will probably be less interested. Therefore, the sales team may send more expensive items, such as nice jackets, Water bottles, etc., to a smaller list of more engaged accounts whereas the marketing team sends less expensive products, such as coffee cards, mugs, etc., to a larger list of possible prospects.
  • Send some gift products depending on the sales stage – This strategy builds on the first. Fewer accounts will probably complete the sales cycle and reach the bottom of the pipeline, and those that do are more willing to engage and worth more to the sales team. Sending more expensive goods to the smaller lot of elite target accounts who make this to the midst or bottom of the sales funnel makes perfect sense.
  • Try using send to re-engage with account names that have become low-key – This is a highly efficient way of providing the sales team a new point of contact, giving them a purpose to get in touch again, and giving the prospect value. With a return rate of about 50%, this method has been extremely effective.
Analyzing the Impact

Following the delivery of your direct mail to your carefully chosen list of in-market target accounts, you should keep an eye on the recipients’ behavior to determine how your campaign is performing.

If the potential customer even just acknowledges the send, it will be a sign that they are alive and well and are cognizant of your business. Moreover, defining the precise objectives of your direct mail campaign will assist you in assessing its effectiveness. Do you want the sales team’s prospects to get back in touch with them? Do you desire that they go to your website? Set up a meeting? Or are you merely attempting to keep your target accounts top of mind? You’ll be close to starting your campaign once you’ve responded to these queries.

When done correctly, direct mail campaigns can take your sales and marketing performance to the next level. Direct mail campaigns are among the most impactful things that stood out among the clutter of populated inboxes. You can increase the return on investment of your direct mail campaigns and raise your traffic and conversions by trying to integrate first-party intent data into your mailing platform.

What are the best strategies for finding a targeted direct mail list within your ABM target list?

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