6 Mistakes Marketers Make When it Comes to Content Syndication

Content has the ability to become viral and deliver large quantities of traffic to your site. But much of the material generated and published online will be swept into the depths of search engine results where no one walks. If you intend to generate more material of the first sort, prioritize your readers—and keep reading.

By now, authors, marketers, and companies absolutely know that neglecting the wants and desires of prospects is a quick and easy way to drive your business into the ground. Without an effective, well-defined content marketing approach, the likelihood of your material converting prospects or even leads, is minimal.

Below are some frequent B2B content syndication blunders that we see organizations make all the time. And what we propose you do instead.

1. Calling top-of-funnel leads

Leads at the top of your funnel aren’t quite ready for a meeting, let alone a purchase. Whether or whether they were born by the sharing of material.

On average, a customer needs between 8 and 10 positive interactions before they’re ready to buy. The mere act of downloading your content does not guarantee an immediate purchase.

A top-of-funnel lead is NOT expected to turn into a sale immediately. That doesn’t ever occur.

If you neglect to nurture your leads, you will end up wasting time and resources on a large number of “bad leads” that you would have otherwise been able to convert. Unfortunately, many of these leads won’t be awful at all. Leads who aren’t far enough along the buyer’s journey merely lead.

2. Developing a nurturing plan before generating leads

What happens after you have prospects fill out a form in exchange for your content? When they leave, where do they go? For that matter, what do we see that fascinates them? How can we facilitate their increased education?

It’s impossible to prevent leads from going cold if you don’t have a strategy in place for advancing them through the sales funnel.

Funding is required to produce leads. Allowing them to sit and become unusable wastes money.

In order to earn brand awareness, educate them on your unique value proposition(s), and create trust with top-of-funnel prospects, you must maintain consistent contact with them over time.

3. A lack of consistency in communication

Customers are less likely to interact with your material if you are inconsistent in your communications with them. To be clear, this doesn’t imply that you must maintain constant communication with them; rather, it emphasizes the importance of being timely and relevant in your communications with them.

With regards to nurturing sequence conversations, you need to strike a balance. If you contact potential customers too frequently, they may grow frustrated and unsubscribe. If you don’t stay in touch with potential customers, they might forget about you right when they’re ready to buy.

I mean, what is it that you ought to do?

It’s helpful to recall the last five customers you successfully closed deals with. How did their typical purchasing procedure go? How much time did that take? Frequently Asked Questions What materials and information did you provide them with?

4. Nurturing without value

Considering that the majority of marketers and salespeople mistakenly believe that the ultimate goal of nurturing is to obtain sales or leads as quickly as possible, this is an understandably common blunder to make. That simply isn’t so!

Essentially, nurturing is meant to teach, interest, and amuse your leads. In order to increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase from you when the time comes.

I’m coming full circle. When would you be available for a meeting? What’s that you say?

Every week, you probably get an email like that from a salesperson. How about you? Get rid of it right away.

That’s not the message to send to potential customers through email. They plan to remove it as well.

Instead, do a lot for your prospects before you ask them to do anything for you (respond to your email, set up a meeting, make a purchase, etc.).

5. Measuring success incorrectly

It’s easy to get caught up in short-term gains when gauging the performance of your content syndication effort. It is after all a simple and tangible indicator. But tread carefully; content syndication might not be the best strategy if you’re looking for a quick return on investment.

The fact is that it will take time and effort to see financial returns from a well-executed B2B content syndication program.

The leads generated through content syndication are very early in the customer journey when the prospect has little to no knowledge of your company or its products. This implies they need to be cared for before they become sales leads, and then again once they are sales leads before they make a purchase.

In other words, the short-term ROI measurement of a content syndication operation is flawed.

6. Using marketing automation ineffectively

We’ve established how crucial it is to nurture leads for content syndication and discussed how to do so with various types of content. Now, let’s talk about how to really go about nurturing leads.

Simpler, quicker, and more easily trackable results may be achieved with the help of marketing automation technology. We give it our highest recommendation. As an added bonus, marketing automation helps to guarantee that your staff isn’t wasting time on mundane activities like email scheduling and personalization.

Lead scoring is an example of an automated procedure that may simplify your nurturing strategy and free up valuable time for your sales team. You may check to see whether your nurturing sequence is working as intended or if adjustments need to be made at any moment by logging into the automation platform and viewing the relevant metrics and tracking data.


Make sure your online material is being syndicated properly and on the appropriate websites. If you don’t, you won’t get the many benefits of content syndication, and you can even suffer losses.

Syndicate your content to scale your content marketing approach and expand your brand.

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