5 Reasons Why Intent Data May Not Be Working For You

Intent data has emerged as a popular tool in the realm of marketing, providing valuable insights into the buying behavior of potential customers. By analyzing the digital breadcrumbs left behind by online activities, intent data offers marketers the opportunity to understand customer needs and refine their marketing strategies accordingly. However, despite its promises, intent data is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

This blog will delve into the lesser-known aspects of intent data and explore three reasons why it may not be working for your business. By understanding these limitations, you can develop a more strategic approach to leverage intent data effectively.

1. Inadequate Buying Cycle

One key factor that can hinder the effectiveness of intent data is having a short buying cycle. If your product or service requires a longer consideration period, such as six months or more, intent data may not provide timely insights. Intent data relies on capturing signals early in the buyer’s journey, allowing marketers to create awareness and nurture leads. With a longer buying cycle, however, the signals of intent may occur too late, limiting your ability to capitalize on them. To address this, businesses with longer buying cycles should build brand awareness and maintain a consistent presence throughout the customer’s decision-making journey.

2. Insufficient Brand Awareness

Another reason intent data may not yield desired results is inadequate brand awareness. While intent data can help identify prospects who are actively researching solutions, having a strong brand presence significantly increases the likelihood of capturing demand and converting leads. A well-established brand enjoys a competitive advantage, ensuring that it appears on the radar of potential customers right from the start. By combining intent data with a robust brand strategy, you can strengthen your position in the market and maximize the impact of intent-based marketing efforts.

3. Limited Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Scope

The size of your ABM list plays a crucial role in the success of intent data utilization. Narrowing your focus too much with intent data can restrict your chances of capturing demand. While intent tactics require a certain amount of time to materialize, overly limiting your target accounts can lead to missed opportunities. To overcome this limitation, it is essential to cast a broader net by expanding your target account list. By adopting a more comprehensive approach to ABM, you increase your chances of capturing intent signals from a wider range of potential customers, thereby enhancing your overall demand capture.

4.Strategic Intent with the B2B Buying Committee

Understanding the complexities of the B2B buying committee is essential for a meaningful intent strategy. B2B purchases often involve a group of decision-makers, each with their unique perspectives and responsibilities. Tailoring your intent strategy to resonate with the entire buying committee increases the likelihood of success. Different stakeholders within the committee will have distinct intent keywords, and aligning your marketing efforts to cater to their specific needs is crucial. By comprehensively understanding their roles, responsibilities, and pain points, you can develop a more effective intent strategy that builds trust and drives strategic intent.

5. The Complexity of Intent Data Analysis:

While intent data holds immense potential, its effective utilization requires a thorough understanding of its complexities. One of the challenges lies in selecting the right keywords that indicate intent for your specific business. This initial step often involves assumptions and testing to determine the keywords that align with your target audience’s buyer’s journey. Additionally, analyzing intent data demands a nuanced approach to interpreting the signals accurately.

A user’s online activity may not always directly translate to their purchase intent. Contextual factors, such as the stage of the buyer’s journey and their specific pain points, must be considered to derive actionable insights from intent data. It requires expertise and a data-driven mindset to extract meaningful patterns and leverage them strategically.

To maximize the effectiveness of intent data, businesses must also be aware of its limitations. While intent data provides valuable insights into prospects who are actively researching solutions, it only covers a small percentage of the total potential market at any given time. Relying solely on intent data can lead to a narrow focus and missed opportunities. To mitigate this, businesses should adopt a holistic approach by combining intent data with other signals of buying behavior.

Factors such as pain indicators, budget allocation, decision-making authority, and knowledge of adjacent technologies provide a more comprehensive understanding of a prospect’s readiness to buy. By considering multiple indicators, businesses can prioritize their efforts and target accounts that demonstrate a higher likelihood of conversion.


While intent data offers valuable insights into customer behavior, it is not a foolproof solution for every business. Understanding the limitations of intent data and adapting your strategies accordingly is crucial for achieving success. By addressing factors such as the buying cycle, brand awareness, ABM scope, and strategic intent with the buying committee, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of intent data and drive higher-quality pipeline and conversion rates.

By integrating intent data with other buying signals, such as pain indicators, budget allocation, decision-making authority, and adjacent technologies, sales, and marketing teams can better understand customer readiness to buy and make informed decisions to fuel their growth.

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