Top Webinar Marketing Tips for B2B Companies in 2023

Marketers are getting inventive with webinars in response to changing customer expectations and preferences. They’re experimenting with various formats and using webinars at critical points in the customer experience to reach out to individuals in new and personal ways. 

In addition to being customizable, B2B webinar marketing strategies are frequently utilized and have one of the greatest conversion rates of any marketing approach – between 20% and 40% in one recent research. You may use them in conjunction with collaborative ventures, recommendations, and paid promotion to boost sales, create trust, and even generate new leads. 

We’ve collaborated with Demand Gen Report to collect the best webinar advice from 10 renowned B2B marketers to assist you to refresh your webinars. 

1. Take the discussion beyond the live event.

Approach webinars holistically. Don’t think of your webinar as a one-time event. Instead, consider it a content pillar that sparks a dialogue. 

It is your role as a marketer to guide prospects from curiosity to client. So, while planning a webinar, consider the dialogue that can take place before and after the webinar. Try learning about registrants before the webinar so you can host a more relevant webinar. Consider your audience’s thinking after the webinar and how you may inspire them to take the next step. 

2. Consider goals and KPIs other than lead generation.

Lead volume is often the go-to KPI for webinars—the more leads, the more effective the webinar. However, Lauren Alt advocates going beyond lead generation and considering additional ways webinars might help you reach your marketing objectives. 

Do you want to move prospects down the funnel? Do you want your brand’s loyalty to grow? Do you want to upsell something? 

It will be a lot simpler to create a webinar that fulfills both internal and external standards if you know exactly what you want to achieve. 

3. Make a webinar series.

A webinar series is an excellent approach to keep your audience engaged and leave a lasting impression. Monthly webinars also enable you to divide your material into more manageable chunks and delve deeper into certain themes. Simply follow a consistent webinar schedule to keep your team on track and your audience engaged. 

4. Go deep on a topic.

Hosting a “master class” webinar allows you to delve considerably deeper into your subject. Furthermore, by treating your webinar as if you were speaking to a single person rather than a large group, the engagement will be much more personalized, and your audience will believe as if you are responding directly to them. 

5. Make a personal connection by switching on the camera.

By sharing your camera, you can make your webinars more exciting and engaging. Static slides with a faceless voice don’t cut it anymore. 

6. Host targeted webinars for ABM

Create tailored webinars directed at certain groups or personas to make them work for your ABM strategy. These ABM webinars have a few significant advantages: Not only can webinars increase conversion rates, but they also give detailed insight on particular accounts by allowing you to see how long they stayed, what questions they asked, and how they replied to polls and surveys. 

7. Repurpose webinars into video clips

Because webinars involve a significant amount of labor and expense, it is critical that your webinar offers value beyond the live event. Before conducting your webinar, consider how you can use the material to produce new content—blog pieces, video clips, infographics, email campaigns, how-tos, and so on. When you have a strategy, you can ensure that you have everything you need to optimize the value of your webinar. 

8. Post promotional videos on social

When it comes to social media posts, videos have a considerably greater engagement rate than basic text or photographs. Increase your digital presence by having speakers make short videos (30 to 45 seconds) advertising the next webinar. Your meeting host films may then be reused in email marketing campaigns. 

9. Understand your audience by using polls

Polls are an excellent method to communicate with and learn about your attendance. You may ask them questions to figure out where they are in the customer journey or how comfortable they are with your product. You can even learn about their major pain locations. Then you may utilize that data to design a more personalized webinar. 

10.Customize your content by responding to questions before the event

During a webinar, everyone enjoys a nice Q&A session or a lively live discussion. But what if we start talking about it before the event? Leaving a spot for questions on the webinar registration form is one of the simplest ways to start a pre-event chat. Then registrants will know you listen to your consumers and will answer actual client queries during the webinar. 

Webinars promotions are an excellent tool for a variety of purposes. However, there are a lot of poor webinars out there that give this kind of communication a bad name. We strongly advise you to give it a shot since, when done correctly, it may yield excellent results. 

‍Wrapping Up – B2B Webinar Marketing Note 

Though there are many details to consider, establishing an effective webinar marketing campaign is a very straightforward procedure. When you combine a desire to test and experiment with a solid analytics platform, you’ll be well on your way to increasing income and establishing trust. 

Remember, webinars have one of the greatest conversion rates of any marketing approach. Large corporations are incorporating them into every level of their sales funnel. It’s probably a safe bet that you should be as well. 

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