Is Your Database Old? Check Out the Ways to Refresh Your B2B Contact Database 

How long do legitimate, active, and reasonably fresh leads last? According to Harvard research, organizations who reacted to leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify that lead than those that waited only an hour later. 

To put it another way, you don’t have much time until your leads become cold. Here’s the kicker: 63% of businesses will take more than an hour to contact their leads on average. There are several plausible causes for this. For one thing, they may be creating a database for future usage if there isn’t a current campaign to send out. For another, their process flows may imply that getting such leads from the collection point to people who can act on them takes a lengthy time. 

The Best Possible Outcome 

The figures don’t lie. The greatest thing you can do is contact or email your sales leads within an hour or so of receiving them— You don’t need to be concerned if you don’t yet have something to sell. It’s more than enough to qualify the lead as being whom they say they are, have provided accurate contact information, and be able to benefit your marketing efforts. For either one, it’s whether they can make a judgment about your B2B data providers, at the very least, speak with someone who can. 

You don’t need to sell anything at this stage. So, what are you “in” for? It is determined by where and how you drew the lead. If it was by syndicating your material, you may simply confirm that they are satisfied with what they received—and possibly want more of the same. If it was via lead capture, you might follow up on any responses they provided in your form. As you might expect, phone calls make this type of follow-up simpler, but an email to everyone is better than nothing at all. 

Unfortunately, you lacked in getting the perfect case 

Building a B2B contact database isn’t something that all marketers can accomplish. After all, you may have joined a firm that already has a database in place. One that your supervisors and higher-ups have assured you is “legit,” despite the fact that genuine hasn’t been touched in years. This circumstance isn’t as horrible as you would assume. The leads may have begun as interested – and may still be – but you must ensure that they are not outdated or out of the current. 

The importance of keeping the b2b contact database clean and structured cannot be overstated. You may make cleaning up simpler for yourself by using these easy techniques. 

1. Capture Every Lead

Leads are created in various methods, including business cards, emails, incoming traffic, phone calls, and others. Always make a point of capturing each and every lead and storing the data in your database. Having all contacts in one centralized database allows you to follow up with leads immediately, segment them for accurate targeting, develop personalized follow-up emails for best messaging, score the leads for improved forecasting, and so on.  You can also get the leads from the best Lead generation Agency.

2. Regularly Check for Updates

Prospects’ contact information is subject to change—for example, their classification, office address, phone number etc. With out-of-date information, you will be unable to contact prospects or follow up with them. As a result, it is critical that you check for updates frequently, keeping your B2B connections up to date.

3. Keep Your B2B Contact Database Free from Duplicate Entries

It is fairly usual for the address book to include multiple duplicate contacts or redundant entries. This makes it tough to obtain contact information quickly and efficiently. A cleaned-up b2b contact list, on the other hand, implies generating qualified leads appropriately and effectively with significantly fewer intent data entries. Duplicate entry removal is not a challenging operation. 

4.  Always Backup Contacts in the CRM

Always preserve a backup of your contacts in the CRM. It’s because social media platforms may create much information in the form of signals, such as funding, new employment, new product releases, and so on. There are numerous tools and resources available for collecting such changes (funding rounds, firmographics, technographic, and so on). 

All this data should be entered into the CRM software. For example, if you conduct a LinkedIn contact search, you should enter all the contacts and their related information into your CRM. When all contact information in your CRM is up to date, you will be able to evaluate clients and prospects better and get deeper insights into them.

5. Maintain a Clean and Up-to-date Subscriber List

You should maintain your subscriber list up to date and clean. You may accomplish this by: 

Provide your email address, preferences, and an opt-in/out option in the email footer. 

You are inviting your viewers to sign up to get regular emails and newsletters from you. This is beneficial since only the valid owner of an email will be able to click on the link, decreasing spam complaints. You will also prevent adding improperly written email addresses to your list by doing so. 

Stay connected with newsletter, email marketing campaign and email subscribers regularly. Send them an email every four to six weeks as a general guideline. However, not everyone wants to hear everything all of the time. As a result, you should build groups depending on interest levels and tailor the frequency of your emails accordingly. 

You are allowing them to unsubscribe quickly. They should be able to unsubscribe from getting emails from you by clicking a button in the emails. 

The Bottom Line 

Just amassing a huge B2B contact list in your database is insufficient. Yes, having an extensive list will assist you in generating sales leads. On the other hand, contact databases become obsolete and irrelevant over time. So, if you want to be highly productive and increase your chances of conversion, maintain your B2B contact database up to current at all times. Are you still stuck?  

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