Demand Generation Marketing Trends to follow in 2022 for B2B Growth

The purpose of demand generation marketing is to offer your sales team a reliable funnel. First, it covers the first efforts that will attract your target audience to sign up for your mailing list. It also controls how your audience interacts with your material, attends your events, and participates in other activities. B2B Demand generation marketing educates and nurtures your prospects, ensuring that your brand remains top of mind.

The goal is to help them go through the customer’s journey till they are qualified leads. Then, with the perfect sales pitch, you might be able to turn them into potential customers.

Demand generation attempts to grow your audience by bringing new visitors to your website and engaging them with your products and services. On the other side, lead generation aims to turn your visitors into qualified leads.

Importance of demand generation marketing

1. Increase brand awareness

Business demand generation programs are awareness generators that do more than simply drive traffic to your website. Inbound marketing strategies that are well-executed help your brand reach out to customers who may not yet require your product. When people see your brand in thought leadership pieces, on stage at industry conferences, or mentioned on social media on a regular basis, such digital demand generation activities establish trust and awareness over time.

Your demand generation plan will make ripples right immediately, attracting engaged and interested traffic to your website. A fresh white paper or a research report can do this. However, like with other awareness-raising tactics, short-term movement is only the tip of the iceberg. You will eventually see long-term influence when firms establish a need for your product or service.

2. Generate more leads

Despite the fact that demand generation has a broader emphasis than lead generation, a well-executed demand generation plan generates a large increase in leads.

Demand generation, when done correctly, fills the top of the funnel with a steady supply of new potential leads. A portion of them may quickly transform into high-quality leads. Lead nurturing, on the other hand, might take months or even years depending on your sector and product.

3. Increase revenue

Greater qualified leads equate to more income. Because online demand generation is both a short-term and long-term income strategy, you may anticipate benefits not only in a few months but also over time as you create your pipeline, nurture it, and build a comfortable, constant connection with your audience.

Creating personas (or profiles) of current and prospective clients is an important initial step in the demand creation process. Personas assist in identifying client wants, pain areas, and long-term aspirations, allowing you to modify your strategy to better address your customers’ problems.

You can easily future-proof your organization if you follow these marketing trends in 2022.

1. Marketing Will Be Driven by Intent-Based Data

2. Content Must Be Simplified Now That Marketing Automation Is a Thing

3. Video Marketing Will Be in the Driver’s Seat

4. Account-Based Marketing

5. Create Your Own Audience

6. Create Your Brand Identity

7. Not a Sales Pitch, but a Story


How to measure your demand generation strategy?

Measuring demand generation does not have to be as difficult as it seems. Once you’ve determined the demand generation indicators you need to measure and, more significantly, why you’re measuring them, you have two options for tracking these KPIs.

Manually: One method of tracking demand generation is by hand. To achieve this, you’ll need to be an Excel expert. However, if you have the information, this is a reasonably low-cost method of measuring your efforts.

However, if you’re at the level where you need to track demand generation activities, there’s a good probability your time would be better spent elsewhere rather than combing through data. If this is the case, identify someone, such as a business analyst, who can track these indicators for you during the sales cycle, or consider alternative number two.

Automatically: The second option for measuring demand generation metrics is to use SaaS solutions. There are several wonderful SaaS applications available that can automatically track this critical data and deliver it in a comprehensible and useable format for your team.

Demand Marketing in 2022: Reshaping the B2B Landscape

Demand marketing is unquestionably changing the B2B industry in 2022. B2B marketing will become more personal, data-driven, creative, and visual in the future.

Those days of generating leads with a simple ‘We sell the greatest items’ slogan are long gone. You must now get to know your consumers, engage with them, and even consider selling to them.

If you use all of these demand marketing trends immediately, you will have a more successful and prosperous 2022 tomorrow. So, don’t put it off any longer and start using these effective marketing trends right away.

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