8 Brilliant Content Marketing Examples to Get Your Business Noticed

Content marketing is a method that concentrates on creating and delivering valuable, relevant, and rational ways to attract and maintain a specific audience – and, eventually, to generate lucrative customer action. 

Instead of promoting your products or services, you provide prospects and customers with really relevant and valuable material to assist them in solving their problems. 

Content marketing is used by leading brands 

According to our yearly survey, the great majority of professionals use content marketing. In actuality, many notable firms worldwide utilize it, like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere. It is also created and implemented by small enterprises and shops worldwide. Why? Because it is effective. 

The current – and future – of marketing is content. 

Reread the content marketing description, but this time leave out the relevant and valuable. That is the distinction between content marketing and the other informative junk you receive from corporations attempting to sell you “things.” Companies routinely give us information; the problem is that most of it is irrelevant or useless (can you say junk mail?). 

That is what creates content marketing so appealing in today’s world of hundreds of targeted advertisements delivered to each customer every day. 

Marketing is impossible without great content 

Whatever marketing strategies you choose, content marketing must be an integral part of your overall strategy, not an afterthought. All kinds of marketing include quality content: 

  • Social media marketing: Your content marketing plan should come first. 
  • SEO: Search engines reward firms that consistently post high-quality content. 
  • PR: Successful public relations strategy should target topics that customers care about, not their company. 
  • PPC: Great content is required for PPC to work. 
  • Inbound marketing: Relies heavily on content to generate inbound leads. 
  • Content strategy: Content strategy is essential for most content marketing campaigns. 
The latest survey of expert content marketers discovered several things: 
  • According to 88% of content marketers, content marketing is successful for the promotion. 
  • According to 88% of marketers, content marketing is efficient in brand awareness. 
  • According to 80% of respondents, content marketing serves to educate audiences. 
  • According to 72%, content marketing is beneficial for lead creation. 

Without further ado, here are some outstanding examples of content marketing plans. 

1. Gymshark: Ad Campaign in Video 

Another way to differentiate oneself from your competition is to create video content: Videos may help firms increase sales by 81%, according to marketers. Consider Gymshark’s outstanding demonstration of content marketing. 

Gymshark strives to disseminate the idea that physical activity brings people together. They accomplished this with the “United We Sweat” campaign, which encouraged inclusiveness, diversity, and conquering obstacles. They also created promotional pictures for the campaign: 

The content is effective because it communicates the fundamental marketing message: exercise draws people together. “United We Sweat” is an easy-to-remember slogan.

2. Nadaré Co.: Content that Goes Viral

Viral content enhances brand visibility, communicates your concept, and generates more visitors; therefore, it’s a worthwhile goal.

I’ll provide content marketing samples from Nadaré Co, a jewelry company, as an illustration of a strong content marketing approach in action.

Nadaré Co’s inventor began making TikTok marketing material to promote the brand’s unique waterproof jewelry. She presently has over 91,000 followers, 1.3 million TikTok “likes,” and huge numbers of people view her videos daily!

So what is the step to getting this example of content marketing strategy?

Share useful, targeted marketing videos that entertain, respond to questions, and resolve issues for your visitors. For instance, here is another video showing how to estimate your band size so that customers may buy the exact gear ratio that will fit them:

3. MoonPie: The Voice of the Brand

When it refers to content marketing, it is all about standing out from the crowd. Developing a unique brand voice is one technique for doing this.

What is the significance of having a voice?

Thus according to Sprout Social’s research, 33 percent of customers feel that having a different character helps a company distinguish on social media, and 46% like brands that connect with their followers, so it’s worth a chance.

MoonPie’s Twitter feed is a perfect example of content marketing. When does every Tweet have a specific function, but the brand also keeps a persistently cheerful tone to interaction and communication:

4. Influencer Marketing Using Cricut

Influencer marketing might be a very effective strategy based on the target audience. Cricut, a creator of DIY crafts, is one example of this.

Cricut collaborated with “New Girl” actress Zooey Deschanel to sell its products. Deschanel, a real-life crafts fanatic, brings Cricut’s material to existence:

As we saw with Nadaré Co., videos are an excellent method to put your business to life and instill customer trust in your organization.

5.Long-form Content using Ridester

If you just want to enlighten your audience, lengthy blogs are crucial in either content marketing strategy.

Longer, more extensive blogs outclass smaller, fewer detailed blogs; thus, according to the study, the typical 1st Google search outcome comprises over 1,400 words.

To put it another way, long-form content is vital, and Ridester provides some outstanding instances of content marketing.

In one blog post, Riester, for example, outlines precise tactics for making more money as an Uber Eats driver. There is no fluff; it is comprehensive but precise:

6. Storiarts: User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) demonstrates the effectiveness of your products. You’re not employing a marketing company to generate advertisements or promotional campaigns, and alternatively, you’re counting on happy customers to spread the word about your products. In conclusion, customers are significantly more prone to believe customer content is more authentic than paid content.

To post images of yourself using Storiarts merchandise, users could use hashtag #committolit:

They’ve grown from a little Etsy business to a very well brand with over 82,000 Instagram followers.

7. Fire & Ice: Product Videos

Really would like to showcase what creates your products unique? Ineffective content marketing examples, high-quality product videos are frequently employed.

You weren’t alone in your use of videos as a content marketing strategy. As per current Content Marketing Institute research, 69 percent of marketers have raised their video investment in preparation for the year 2022.

Your films should demonstrate how your items function and, preferably, answer any questions your intended audience has about your services.

Fire & Ice’s Air Conditioner Repair Service created a video to explain how the service is running.

8. Vienna Beef: Web Content

We’ll talk about first thoughts in this next content marketing strategy instance.

Wzy? So first appearances are crucial.

In reality, 94% of buyers rely on their decision to visit a site on its design. In these other words, you would like to establish a positive first impact on website visitors.

Vienna Beef, a maker of Chicago-style hot dogs, is well mindful of this. They were ready to: going to follow a website redesign with the assistance of a digital marketing consultancy, and they were able to:

  • doubled the number of visits,
  • reduced the number of lost shopping carts,
  • and boosted profitability

The home page is available here. It is intended to increase buying without becoming intrusive. It’s also vibrant and engaging, with obvious links to shopping sites:

What are some tips for getting the most out of examples of content marketing strategies?

You should follow your intuition. Investigate whether you think it works (or doesn’t). If you are inspired by a content marketing example, think about how you could apply engaging graphic components and strong brand messages to your marketing.

Analyze samples that have been successful in determining what works and how you may apply those strategies to your writing.

You should keep track of your critical KPIs so you can figure out what is working… and fix what isn’t.

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